Welcome to NFT Stonkers!

There is no doubt in my mind that NFT’s are going to play a big role in the future.

So here I was in my room thinking, lets make it more fun by bringing STONKS to the NFT world. And here I present you the upcoming NFT game: NFT Stonkers!!!

Just to be sure Stonks means Stocks :)

What is NFT Stonkers all about?

The concept is really simple. Different NFT’s represent different stonks. You can get them mainly through 3 ways:

  1. Giveaways or free drops (Checkout our twitter handle and discord regularly)
  2. Buy them on WAX Atomic Marketplace
  3. Official drops and pack sales — Info will be shared on Discord/Twitter

Once you have a both “Bought” type and “Sold” type NFT of the same stonk, you can blend them together to gain entry into a grand prize pool.

Or you can decide not to blend and just hold them. In this case you are enrolled into weekly holding rewards program (earn wax and stonk points).

You also have the option to sell these stonks on secondary market.

Once we have a big enough community, we will release the game mechanics and the launch date for our upcoming trading game.

What is the use of Stonk Points?

Stonk points are the in-game currency for NFT Stonkers, which will have many use-cases.

One use case will be to enter the monthly grand prize pools. Other uses will be to craft NFT’s needed for the game.

NFT Description

Stonk NFT Description

NFT Types

Common (left) and RARE (right) Stonk NFT
Epic (Left) and Legendary (right) NFT Stonks

I know the details shared in the articles are not enough and you must have lots and lots of other questions. I literally just created this game, so all updates are being designed as we speak. We will keep on posting more updates here. Meanwhile why don’t you send me your questions at Twitter



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